Monday, February 2, 2015

We finally got to the beach

Ever since New Years Day I've wanted to get down to the beach. It's only a 20 minute drive and we're lucky to be in California where you can go to the beach on a sunny day in January. But sickness and other plans always got in the way. But this Saturday we actually had a morning free where the three of us had time to each being a family. What a treat! To the beach!

The water was chilly but e enjoyed walking in the sand, looking at the sea birds, sitting on rocks, and using the playground equipment they have right on the sand.
Though one of the reasons we love going to the beach is the restaurant they have on the pier. The Pepper loves their fish sticks and we love the Buffalo shrimp sliders. They also have a deck with tables and a great view of the ocean.
Our little girl is really enjoying very girly lady like things right now. She has replaced her love of her red hat with love of hair bows. Each morning she likes to pick out her own bow from the pile of different colored ones we have (she left this morning with a light pink version). We also introduced her to Winnie-the-Pooh, who she unsurprisingly connected to right away.
Such a little ham. This is her sad face.
Luckily that face face came back quickly :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Horses and tangarines

This last weekend was beautiful here in Ojai so we decided to head over to our friends ranch and enjoy walking thorugh their orange groves. There was an added bonus that our friends were taking their horses out, a treat for the Pepper who loves all things horsey right now.
Everything right now is related to big things and small things. Big things are mommies, little things are babies. It's very cute. So of course she wanted us to pick a mommy tangerine and a baby tangerine. She has started to want to dress herself so she picked her outfit. It's all about dresses right now which makes me regret buying all those practical t-shirts going unused in her closet. She also loves to wear both her bracelets and doesn't liek to leave the house without her hat.
Even though we spend a lot of time visiting our friend's horses this was the Pepper's first time on a horse! Look at that happy face. She was so thrilled. I hope we can do more of this for her.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello to 2015 (and some changes)

Happy 2015! I haven't been here awhile ad that's because I've been trying to figure out what to do with this space. I had some goals at the beginning but as I came upon my one year blog anniversary I was unsure of the direction I wanted to take moving forward. I needed to change something but wasn't sure what. Thankfully, my husband has helped me out with that. As a Christmas gift he gave me a real camera! I've always been interested in photography and have been talking about getting a nice camera for years (since the Pepper was born). We live in such a beautiful place and there are so many magical moments to capture with the little one and my poor iPhone isn't always up for the challenge. So in 2015 I'm embarking on a new hobby: photography. And this blog will more become a place for me to share my pictures and, through them, pieces of my life.

These pictures are from my first outing with my new camera and our first outing of 2015. We went to visit dear friends at their ranch. We picked flowers and walked through a near-by field and it felt perfect. I'm feeling good about the new year!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In need of a good laugh?

Hi everyone. I've been at a business conference this week; missing my family but enjoying being able to take leisurely evening baths. I get home late tonight, work tomorrow, and then leave for a 10-day vacation. I'm really hoping this will be a trip where I can disconnect and really relax. But it's a busy time at work so we'll see.

I won't be posting while I am gone so I want to leave you all with my recommendation for when you need a good laugh: Eddie Izzard! I love this guy. He's smart and funny and his HBO show "Dressed to Kill" from years ago can be streamed on Netflix (or on Vimeo) along with all his other one-man shows. "Dressed to Kill" is heavily quoted when I'm around my family and watching it never gets old. It's always a perfect pick-me-up. And along with being a great comedian Eddie a fabulous actor who I really enjoyed in the underrated The Riches.

If I could I'd totally vote for him for mayor of London.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

What's your vice?

So it's Friday and the end of my work week is getting closer and I am feeling excited about picking up the Pepper from daycare, coming home, hanging out, and then once D is done with his work sharing our Friday tradition: tequila shots! Ok, I know that sounds really immature but there is something about a tequila shot that really relaxes me. It's like a little hammer to anxiety. And sometimes I need a little help unwinding and easing into the slower pace of the weekend.

I can admit that of all the vices alcohol is probably mine. I've never been interested in smoking, I eat pretty healthily, I stick to an exercise routine. But everyone gets to have one vice right? And I am a lady who enjoys a glass of wine. Or a little sipping tequila (and of course I'm talking about in moderation). I like the social aspect of drinking and love getting together with friends over some wine. I also enjoy the times D and I have to ourselves and we pour some drinks and sit on the porch and talk. It's probably a cultural thing. The family I grew up in often included alcohol in meals or get-to-gethers. My mom is from a former British colony and she herself grew up with a 5pm daily cocktail hour so that spilled over into my home life. But it always made things feel social as people would come over to have a cocktail and everyone would sit around the table and talk while they enjoyed their drink. Even kids too young to drink knew it was a time designated to sitting back and relaxing and being together.

Now that we are so close to wine country I'm hoping to take more trips up to the beautiful Santa Ynez. Also, loved this validating article on the benefits of combining wine and fitness :)

Cheers to Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finally I've bought new sunglasses

I've been in need of new sunglasses. My current two pairs of sunglasses have been great but I bought them off of Etsy years ago and they weren't the highest quality and they are falling apart. One actually has duct tape holding it together and the other has stuff flaking off of it. I live in a very hot and sunny place and sunglasses are something I have to wear everyday. But I also have a hard time spending a lot of money on accessories. As much as I admire those that can pile on the accessories and make it look amazing, I just don't like using them myself. So for me, the accessories I have are practical.

Thank goodness for Moorea Seal. I just discovered them and they have great but affordable accessories! I just bought myself two pairs of sunglasses and I can't wait for them to arrive. I was tempted to get something really fun like these extreme cateyes but held back at the last minute. Luckily I can always go back for more :) I do already have my eye on some earrings.

Image of the Tessa.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorites from around the web...

1) Wow. This is an impactful perspective on a horrible disease.

2) I love the idea behind this but also as a fan of mythology I enjoyed reading all the stories around these interesting women.

3) I'm sure the effort needed would not be worth it but I do one day want to make these cookies.

4) These are good reminders, especially the last one.

5) This made me laugh, especially how it concludes. Having worked in an office I can also totally imagine the disruption his caused.

6) I think everyone should read what this man has to say about his experience being a hermit. What stuck me those most was "with no audience, no one to perform for, I was just there. There was no need to define myself; I became irrelevant." I've been ruminating on it all week.

7) Inspired by these. You go girl!

8) I think this is very true. We are not all so different! We all work hard and are all doing our best.

9) This show looks amazing.

10) These days I'm not good about staying up-to-date on world events and news. So I appreciate when Jon Stewart breaks it down for me and brings the element of reason sometimes lacking form other media outlets.

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