Friday, January 24, 2014

The Pepper Report

Our little one is a little over 10 months old. She had a doctor's appointment yesterday so I thought I'd do a little Pepper update:
  •  About a month ago after some serious encouragement you finally decided to give crawling a try. It's an army crawl as you haven't figured out how to get your glorious belly off the ground, but a crawl none the less! While this has given you more independence you are clearly still holding out for walking. You like to walk. And because you need to do it assisted right now mama's back is hurting. I'm trying to make you cruise on the furniture a little more and experiment on your own but it slows you down which you don't like. As much as I'm nervous about you becoming truly mobile, I won't miss being hunched over all the time.
  • You love things that are hidden and then appear such as your jack-in-the-box or the shape sorting cube. But you also like taking things and putting them in boxes or cups and then taking them out again. It's adorable.
  • Your favorite food is still home made apple sauce though luckily you still will eat almost anything we give you, especially if it's mixed with apple sauce. You're starting to use a spoon and feed yourself if we put the food on it for you. And you love sharing food with us. If daddy is eating an apple, you are very happy when he gives you every other bite.
  • For the first time the doctor does not consider you chubby! I think it's all the walking. You seem right on track in weight and height, but you have a huge head. Huge. In the 95 percentile. It's ok, it's not a problem but it does make buying t-shirts for you hard.
  • Your hair is looking more and more red everyday. I was expecting a blond baby with almost white hair. But right now I have a strawberry blond and it's getting redder everyday. That's your great-grandmother Lyla's genes I think.
  • Your sleep has unfortunately regressed a bit. You still go to bed around the same time and generally wake up at the same time, but the time in-between does not go as smoothly as it used to. You wake up crying regularly and need to be soothed back to sleep. I try to not take you out of the crib but instead rub your back and sing to you until you calm down. I know it's a phase and this too shall pass but it means mommy and daddy are more tired these days.
  • You continue to be very friendly and smiley. You and Auntie Kathy spend your weekday afternoons walking around the neighborhood visiting your friends at all the local businesses. When I run errands I can't walk into a local business without them asking me how you are.
I know some people say the baby stage feels so long but I've found that it has flown by. Love you little Pepper! As much as I don't want you to grow up any more, I also can't wait to see who you become.

Instagram image of her bath time yesterday morning.

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