Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trying to figure out my skin care routine

Argh. My skin. One of my constant battles. I don't really make New Years resolutions (I prefer to think that any day is a good day to commit to changing my life for the better). But this Janaury I am deciding to commit to figuring out how to improve my skin.

I think one of the problems is I never really learned how to take care of my skin. During my early teenage years I didn't have some of the typical skin issues. And once I got on hormonal birth control my skin was great without much effort. But in my mid-twenties I decided to get off the hormones, and one of the unfortunate results was my skin exploded in ways I was not ready for. I feel like I've spent years trying to find the right combination of routine and products that will be the magic solution. The challenge is that I also just feel I am a slave to the hormonal fluctuations that happen every month. About two years ago I was actually getting regularly monthly facials, something I thought I'd try in an attempt to improve my skin. Along with some skin care tips she also told me that there sadly is not much one can do about controlling the changes in hormones that effect the skin. I sort of just have to just ride those waves.

But I also have some bad habits I know I need to change. I definitely touch my face a lot and pick at blemishes, something that of course makes the situation worse. So, here are some things I'm going to commit to:
  • Reduce the amount of face touching. Seriously!
  • Try a new product out for at least a month before changing it. When I read someone else's blog post about the amazing products they use I want to run out and try them. But I need to really give something a try before I decide it's not working.
  • Do a face mask once a week (I'm going to try this simple one).
Other things I'm trying is using my relatively new Clarisonic as everyone raves about them. And while time and budget meant I gave up my regular facial visits (I didn't feel they made much of a difference anyway), I'm interested to try an enzyme peel at least once and if it works maybe try working it into the regular routine.

One thing I never expected was how much work it is to maintain one's skin!! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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