Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter in Michigan

We spent about 3 weeks visiting D's family in Michigan this holiday season. His mom, step-dad, dad, and step-mom live there, along with one of his brothers. Even though everyone isn't in the same city they are close enough to be able to drive in a day. There were a few special things about the trip:
  • Grandparent time: I actually didn't take much time off for the holidays, so while I worked the Pepper's grandparents looked after her. We don't see our Michigan family as much as we'd like so it was really nice for them to get to know her and bond a little. The Pepper had so much fun with them and will miss them!
  • Cousins: Both of D's brother's and their families came. It was the first time everyone was together since all the little kids were born. Each of D's brother's have a child so we finally had all 3 cousins together. It was fun to see the older boys interact and play together, and it was fun to see everyone be sweet with the little baby Pepper. It also made me appreciate genetics, the Pepper could have easily fit in physically with any of D's brother's families.
  • Food and wine: We certainly get fed and eat well when we go to Michigan. D's dad and step-mom hunt and fish, so we each got fresh Lake Michigan salmon, elk, venison, even some bear meat chili! Yum! And of course it being the holidays there was plenty of wine and other cocktails to enjoy.
  • Winter: It was certainly a white Christmas for us. There was lots of lovely snow and cold chilly days. Being from California I enjoy the short bits of winter I get to enjoy when we visit family. And luckily we left right before things got real and the arctic wind chills hit! It was fun to take the Pepper for walks in the woods in the snow. Winter scenery can be so beautiful and peaceful.
I hope the grandparents pay us some visits here in California this year.  But also looking forward to our next Michigan Christmas.

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