Monday, February 24, 2014

Best. Show. Ever.

I love RuPaul's Drag Race, and am so excited for tonight's Season 6 premiere! It is such a great show. Not only is it fun and super entertaining but there is a very fascinating aspect to it. For one, I've learned a lot about drag. The issues drag queens face, the vocabulary, the process, the standards. It's a whole different world filled with color and comedy and personalities and creativity. The other thing I love about the show is that it shows what a transformation drag is. These men have chosen to spend their lives regularly becoming another person. A person they can mold and configure to what they want her to be. Are their drag personas who they wish they could be? Are they parts of themselves they want to explore and revel in? Or maybe parts they don't like so they need to process them in an external way. I'm sure it's different for everyone. But it's certainly an amazing feat of performance art.

If you don't get the Logo TV channel you can actually watch the episodes online after they air. I highly recommend you tune in tonight for all the fun!

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