Monday, March 10, 2014

Anxiety!!! Ahhhh!!

I recently read this post by Bri and it reminded me that almost everyone I know deals with some level of anxiety. Anxiety is pervasive! Maybe it's always been this way, maybe it's a symptom of modern times. But I feel like we all, especially the women I know, are always trying to find ways to manage anxiety.

Like Bri, I can find myself getting into these anxiety vortexes. Something will trigger it (something someone says, or a random thought will come to mind) and suddenly I can't stop getting obsessively worried about something. Maybe it's being able to leave the house early enough to get someplace, or how I'm worried about something I said to someone. Whatever my mind latches onto I can spin on it for longer than is constructive. But it's hard to stop, because logic kind of goes out the window. I start feeling like it's important for me to be worried about this thing; that if I'm worried it means I'm paying attention and I'm aware and I need to do something! In these moments I work hard to try to remember the reality of the situation. I try to bring in perspective (so what if we're late? what are the odds that such and such would happen?) And sometimes I can talk myself down. Other times it just needs to run it's course.

One problem is that anxiety is addictive. I think it's a control issue. If you're anxious about something I find it's usually because you want control of it. And getting anxious and communicating that can be a way to make things the way you want them. And that level of control can feel good! One thing I've had accept as I've worked to have less anxiety is my lack of control. Scary, but an important thing to realize and find peace with.

Joanna has a good suggestion for how she manages her anxiety. I haven't tried it yet but I probably should. Anyone else have any ways of coping?

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