Friday, March 21, 2014

Christopher Walken Dancing!

I love Christopher Walken. He's strange and scary and funny and mysterious and endearing and I just love watching him in films. But one of the things I love about him is that he's a dancer! He studied dance before becoming an actor and even though I don't think "graceful dancer" when I think of Christopher Walken, the above video showcases the many times his dancing skills have been slipped into his films. Other fun Christopher Walken facts: his real name is Ronald, and as a teenager he worked as a lion tamer in a circus.

And of course, Walken's dance skills have never been better showcased than in the Weapon of Choice music video seen below. This is one of my all-time favorite music videos. Plus it looks like he's having so much fun!

Another of my favorite sneaky dancers is Dule Hill, and if you watch Psych you can see it pop into the story every so often. Do you have any favorite actors who have other "hidden" skills?

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