Thursday, March 13, 2014

Favorites from around the web...

1) I hink a lot of new parents feel this way, but it was brave of him to say it.

2) This captures exactly how I feel about one of our, in my option, more interesting pop celebrities.

3) This makes me want to write more letters.

4) If you ever wanted to feel small in this universe check this out.

5) Thank you math.

6) This is interesting but hasn't helped me figure out my complicated relationship with caffeine.

7) Well done Norway, that was beautifully executed.

8) The Oscars as told from the other side. And now I really want to be Jennifer Lawrence's best friend.

9) Wow. Not only does this explain something to me that was a bit unclear before, it makes me realize how tragic it was.

10) I'm impressed that this happened. It's very modern of our government.

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