Thursday, April 3, 2014

Craving bike culture

As mentioned the other day, there are great things about living in the middle of an urban area. On of them I didn't touch on too much was being able to bike everywhere. Los Angeles is famous for it's car culture, and for good reason. The city is so large and spread out that to experience it all you do have to spend time in your car. But, there are areas of the city that are self contained enough that to enjoy them all you need is a bike! Downtown LA is one of those areas.

A couple years ago D and I had dinner plans with some friends of ours who also live downtown. They are a little too far away to walk so we jumped in the car and drove the whole 6 minutes it took us to get to their place. That was when I realized we needed to get bikes, and once we did it felt like the whole city opened up to us! It was so quick and easy to get around, and it feels like a great way to experience the city. We even have the next CicLAvia, when roads are shut off from cars and open only for bikes, this Sunday.

But LA is only just starting to get a decent bike culture. We're starting to see more and more bike lanes being created, and more and more bikers on the streets. But bikers are still at a disadvantage. It makes me so jealous when I hear about places elsewhere in the world where bikes are considered a normal part of life, even family life! And while I know as a city we'll probably never be able to embrace bikes like they do in Amsterdam, but I'm hoping we'll keep getting closer and closer. And next for our family is to get an attachment for our bikes that will allow us to ride around with Pepper. I think she'll love it!

And how cute is this little bike accessory?! I want one.

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