Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The best baby shoes: moccasins!

My sister-in-law is having her second baby this summer and she reached out to me for recommendations on baby items. D and I tried to be very minimal with what we got for our little one so in general I don't have that many things to recommend. One of the items I suggest all the time is the ring sling you can see me using in yesterdays post (it's a Sakura Bloom and I love it - I started using the ling when the Pepper was only a few weeks old and am still using it now). But my other favorite thing for the little ones is moccasins. They are perfect footwear for tiny chubby feet. I didn't buy any booties or anything when The Pepper was born since it was summer and I didn't see any reason socks wouldn't work. But once she started wanting to stand-up and get on her feet I realized we needed something more substantial.

Her first pair of shoes were some grey moccasins and they were ideal. They fit her wide chubby feet and were soft and flexible so she could still move her toes and work on her balance. And people love them! We get so many compliments on them. She wore the grey pair until she grew out of them so I of course had to replace them but this time I went with the fun copper color (from Freshly Picked) you see in the above picture. They don't make that color anymore which is shame but I've already geared up for her next pair and went ahead and purchased her some fun purple ones.

I've bought her some other shoes along the way as it's nice to have variety. I've bought some sneakers and some sandals but I just don't like them as much. They don't seem to fit her feet as well because they are so stiff, and the harder soles and heavier materials means she doesn't walk as freely in them (and trips more!). I know she can't only wear moccasins forever but for now, they are my go-to.

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