Monday, April 21, 2014

The Pepper's current obsession

The Pepper loves books. Looking at her books, flipping the pages, being read to: these are all her favorite things. Maybe every kid is like this? Since she's our first I don't have anything to compare her behavior to. But I find her love of books fascinating, and wonderful! Hopefully I can find a way to keep her love of books alive as she gets older and the appeal of electronics gets stronger. But right now her favorite book is...

...Out of Sight, a fun book about animals with lots of little flaps to open. She loves to discover the creatures hidden within. She has ones she likes to revisit (the Marmot seems to be a favorite for some reason), and she likes when I make the animal sounds to go along with the pictures (the lion's roar is always a winner). All in all it's been a great addition to our bookshelf! We have some baby birthdays coming up so I just purchased 2 of these books on Amazon to give as gifts :)

I've been thinking of doing a post on some of The Pepper's other favorite books but I've actually taken so many recommendations from Gabrielle I figured I'd just point you in her direction.

Image from my Instagram. Naked morning book reading.

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