Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trashy entertainment: yes or no?

I have a confession: I love to watch trashy entertainment. And what I mean by trashy is cheesy, silly, low-substance tv or film, often reality-based. I consider myself an educated and cultured woman. And I enjoy high-brow activities including opera, museums, lectures, etc. But I also think there is a time and a place to enjoy the low-brow and give our minds a rest! I work hard during the day to add value at my job, and then I work hard in the evenings to be present with my little one. So when I have time to relax I often really just want to relax in full capacity which for me means turning off my mind and consuming something that doesn't require a lot of me.

My husband is not this way. He very rarely craves this kind of zoning-out. Our weekend evenings are often spent debating if we're going to watch the comedy or action-adventure I want to watch, or the drama or documentary he wants to watch. The last time I really saw him enjoying something silly was a few years ago after his PhD exams. He was so wholly whipped out I suggested he watch this gem of a film and enjoy a scotch. It was nice to hear him laughing throughout :)

Right now, my current favorite indulgence is The Only Way is Essex, a British reality-tv show I watch through Hulu Plus. It's about young and fabulous people experiencing the drama of living in a small community in Essex. There is lots of who-is-sleeping-with-who and it's perfectly mindless.

Do you like trashy entertainment? Any favorites you'd be willing to share? I was shocked when a good friend of mine admitted that she had become addicted to Jersey Shore so I almost feel like I should give that one a try.

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