Thursday, June 12, 2014

Help expose eco-terrorism!

My dad is somewhat recognizable. He was on the first couple of seasons the show Whale Wars which made him a small reality tv star. Whale Wars is about the environmentalist group Sea Shepherd sending a crew to Antarctica to stop what they feel is illegal whaling. Sea Shepherd's method have been very controversial. Through the lens of Whale Wars the organizations approach is to take unskilled volunteers into a dangerous environment and asking them to do life-threatening things. I've watched the show and yeah, it comes off that way. But I also know the organization because my dad has been a part of it for 30 years. I know all the other things they do. And I know what the campaigns are really like.

My dad joined Sea Shepherd and got to know their charismatic leader Paul Watson when I was just a baby. He was filming something for a news station and liked what the organization was doing so much he started volunteering. He spent as much time as he could being involved in their mission to protect marine life. He was gone a lot when I was a kid because of it but I was also so proud of him. He was out protecting the world! but as a camera-man he was also always shooting. This means he has a wonderful archive of the last 30 years of the Sea Shepherds doings. They are sometimes scary sometimes funny, but always admirable.

After the success of Whale Wars my dad saw an opportunity to tell the other side of the story; to tell more than the small view of the organization the tv-show captures. He spent a lot of time going through all his footage and made what I think is a wonderful documentary called "Confessions of an Eco-Terroist". You can watch it on Hulu if you have Hulu Plus, or for free on YouTube. It tries to show the lighter side of environmentalism while still talking about the important issues.

Right now he's trying to fun his next film which will be a follow-up to the first. It will look at the role the media plays in environmentalism again pulling from his 30 years of involvement with Sea Shepherd. If you're interested check out his IndiGoGo campaign and show your support!

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