Thursday, July 10, 2014

Favorites from aroud the web...

1) Wow. This is something I never really think about. Even though it saddens me and angers me, I appreciate the reminder that this stuff still happens every day.

2) This is some insight into an already mysterious celebrities life, though I think it asks more questions than it answers.

3) I love hearing about stuff like this! I hope more companies follow their lead and bring parenthood more into the dialogue.

4) I hope to one day have an outdoor area large enough for one of these.

5) This is beautiful :)

6) I love this idea. I believe in manifesting.

7) This is a good look at how far women have come, and how far we still have to go.

8) I really want to see this. It's an interesting perspective on how Los Angeles is depicted in modern media and I want to know more

9) I want this for my kitchen. I'm always googling this stuff which can be hard to do if you have batter all over your fingers.

10) This is another example of something pervasive in our culture that I guess I had become so accustomed to I never even noticed it!

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