Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Favorites from around the web...

1) This gives you an indication of the kind of environment I grew up in (Topanga is my home town!)

2) For awhile now I've been uncomfortable with the pressure to get kids into academics younger and younger. So I appreciated this article.

3) I love the idea of this as a wedding dress.

4) Ouch! #16 makes me laugh though.

5) This is a great tip! I've always wanted to know how to manage riding a bike in a skirt.

6) This is something I never thought about before but now I am astutely aware of.

7) I've never been a big Kristen Stewart fan but this made me love her.

8) Memories...

9) Wow, this is kind of amazing but not surprising really. Something to think about next time you are out to dinner.

10) This made me laugh. I definitely didn't see it coming.

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