Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello world

I am not a writer; never have been. I've always hated journaling. But, I love reading blogs. And inspired by this post, I've decided that a blog may be my venue for putting myself out there and connecting to the wider world.

The reasons I am starting this blog are:
  • Connection: My life is typical. I have a family. I work full-time. I struggle to balance things. I find great joy in the people in my life. I enjoy art, design, fashion. There are many ways that I am like many of you out there. But, my life is also unique. My specific job, my specific family, where I live, my personal taste and style. I look forward to connecting to the world in the things we have in common, and discussing the things we don't.
  • Recommendations: I have relied on the blogs I love for recommendations. I even based my baby registry on them! There are so many things out there these days it's hard to know about all of them or sift through them all to find the things you need. If I can save someone a little time by recommending a car seat or a baby carrier, I feel I've done the world some good.
  • Intention: I want to lead an intentional life. And chronicling it here will make me aware of the things I do, think, care about, notice, have interest in. Having never had a way of documenting these things before I'm excited to see what this process will bring, and what I'll learn from it.
My fears around starting this blog are that I won't be committed enough to it. That it will be hard to find the time. And nothing is worse then an out-of-date blog. But, I am committed. I will make the time. I will face these fears.

And the title for my first post was not a coincidence. Being in the tech field I thought it would be a fitting way to start things off.

So, hello world!

Photo of writer Susan Sontag in a bear suit. Image Via.

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