Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My baby eats better than I do

The Pepper is 7 months old now, so for the past few months we've been introducing solid foods. It was a slow start but she's really embraced all sorts of foods now and seems to love almost anything we give her.

I had originally intended to take the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach. And we do let the Pepper munch on larger pieces of food so that she can experiment with the textures and the motor skills needed to get food to her mouth. But I found it was easier for her to explore a variety of flavors and get the nutritional value from various foods if we made our own pureed baby foods. Enter the Babycook. Since it can both steam and puree it really does make preparing baby food very easy. Anything D and I eat I can puree, and I also make the Pepper her own special purees when I want to make sure she's easting healthy things.

The result is that my baby eats really well. An example of  one her recent meals in a day is: fresh bananas and strawberries for breakfast, avocado and apple sauce for lunch, chicken and artichoke with fresh basil for her snack, and garlic-thyme sweet potato for dinner.

An added bonus is I think it's encouraging me to eat healthier. I recently bought some broccoli to puree for the little one, but had so much that I roasted some for myself and it was a good addition to my usual PB&J lunch.

It's so exciting to think about what an experience the different flavors are for her. I'm finding this to be a really fun time in her development. How did you guys handle introducing solids? There seem to be so many varied schools of thought.

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