Thursday, November 14, 2013

A happy instrument

"The banjo is such a happy instrument--you can't play a sad song on the banjo - it always comes out so cheerful". -Steve Martin

Growing up I never learned to play any sort of instrument. My parents did put me into a number of arts classes but they were the visual arts. Therefore, when I married a musician and I felt there were things about his world I just didn't understand. Also I felt that I needed a hobby. So, I decided to learn to play an instrument. Enter the banjo.

I've always loved Bluegrass music and I was on a bit of a bluegrass kick when I decided on the banjo as my instrument. I had recently purchased Steve Martin's banjo album The Crow and was listening to it non-stop (I also recommend his follow-up album Rare Bird Alert). I told D that I wanted to learn an instrument and I was interested in the fiddle or the banjo. He wisely suggested the banjo as an easier instrument to pick-up with a smaller learning curve.

Now I have my banjo and I am slowly learning. D found me some videos on Banjo Hangout that I can use to learn at home at my own speed. With the Pepper's arrival progress has been slow but I can proudly say that I can play a version of "You Are My Sunshine", "Red River Valley", and "Cripple Creek". I'm just sort of practicing those right now to get excellent at them. But I am feeling ready to learn a new song soon :)

Do any of you play an instrument? 

Photo of my banjo and the Pepper (4 months) one Saturday morning

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