Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Children's International

I often walk between our loft and D's studio, usually with the Pepper in tow. Over the course of a week I was approached daily by volunteers asking me to sponsor a child in an impoverished nation. Living in an urban area you learn to just walk past these people. But after a few days their persistence paid off and I couldn't say no anymore. They got e to sign up, and it's once of the best thing I've done in awhile.

Through Children's International we are now the proud sponser of a young girl named Karen who lives in Honduras. She's 12 (about to be 13) and she lives with her 5 siblings and her mom and her dad. We receive letters from her and so far I know that her dad works close to their home growing corn, and that she loves Spanish class and thinks she has a wonderful family. We've also been able to write her letters and send her pictures.

Her birthday is coming up and we decided to send a little more money that month so the foundation can buy her a present from us. What we give each month is a fairly small amount, but from that we've now formed a relationship with a child in another part of the world! And through these letters our relationship can grow. I'm excited to be there as she grows up. I'm so glad those volunteers persisted :)

Photo of a drawing Karen recently sent. I think she draws great crabs.

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