Monday, November 18, 2013

People with no kids don't know

The above video is hysterical (I particularly love his impression of the smug non-parents). The Pepper is still pretty young so I can't directly relate to the comedians stories, but you don't need to be a parent long to know he is hitting on the truth. But it does make we wonder what we have in store as our little one gets older.

Before the Pepper was born we heard a lot about how it was going to change our lives. Some good friends of ours said they still felt they were able to do a lot of the same things they did pre-baby. Other people, including some family members, said everything will be different and that we should enjoy things like going out to eat because once the baby comes we'll never be able to do it again.

As with most things I've found the truth for us to be in the middle. When the Pepper was first born I actually felt very free to continue on with my life as it was. She was little and fairly quiet and could sleep and eat anywhere, so we could take her anywhere. Restaurants, parties, even to a classical music concert. Now that she's 8 months old it is a little harder. We still go to restaurants and parties but she's more of her own person now. She's found her voice and will scream or make noise when she wants. She also has regular sleeping patterns now so keeping her up late isn't something we want to do. This video makes me realize things will continue to change and evolve. But, even as things get harder I hope to be a parent who isn't afraid to challenge their kids to be well-behaved, to listen, to respond to the needs of the larger family. I know I won't always succeed, but I'll at least try :)


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