Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas traditions

This is D and mine's seventh Christmas together and we've managed to develop some of our own Christmas traditions. These are things that make the holiday feel like Christmas to us. We don't always get to enjoy all of them due to travel and such, but we do what we can to keep up the Christmas spirit:
  • Christmas cookies: This is one I got from my dad's family. My grandmother would always make sugar cookies, and then we'd do epic decorating sessions. And when I say epic I mean paintbrushes were involved. My dad even used tweezers one year to individually place sprinkles. The funny thing is that the recipe I think just came from the side of a Crisco can, but they are our cookies and we try to do them each year.
  • Norwegian meatballs: This one came from D's family. His mother's family is Norwegian so one of their family recipes are these delicious little meatballs. The first Christmas D and I spent together we made the recipe for a pot luck with our neighbors and they were a huge success. Since then, they've become a Christmas staple.
  • Eggnog: It's just not Christmas without a little eggnog and brandy :)
  • Opening presents one-at-a-time:  We like to hand out gifts slowly and watch people open each one. I've spent Christmas with families where everyone opens presents all at once and I found it chaotic, and over so quickly. Spacing it out means every gift can be enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Watching Elf: This is our favorite Christmas movie. It's feel good, appropriate for all ages, and everyone seems to like it. Increase the fun by using the bonus features after the movie is finished to do a carol sing-a-long.
And spending Christmas with each of my parents means a different thing. With my mom, there are always Christmas crackers and therefore everyone is in little paper crowns. With my dad, he's all about getting everyone (adults included) toys as presents. This means Christmas day is usually spent playing with things like little remote helicopters or nerf guns.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Photo of the Pepper from our early Xmas this year with my mom.

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