Monday, January 13, 2014

Hulu Recommendations

D and I don't have cable so we watch everything through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, or by buying them a la cart on iTunes. I've never actually done the math to see if this is is more or less affordable than actually paying for cable and a DVR. But, it does mean we don't have to deal with commercials for the most part which is something we both love (the exception is Hulu Plus, damn those commercials!!).

It also means that if we're in the mood to veg a little we can't just channel surf, so I end up discovering some nice little shows. One I love is a show on Hulu called Whites (I think you can watch the first episode on Hulu but need Hulu Plus to watch the rest). It's a British comedy so there are only 6 episodes in the first season. But I love it for the dry humor and sweet sentiments. And I love the cast and the actors. Roland is perfect as someone you both love and hate, there is poor sweet Bibs, and Caroline played by an actress I loved from a Netflix streaming favorite. I so hope they do another season!

For the parents out there I also recommend Mother Up. Since it's an adult cartoon it's very tongue in cheek. Eva Longoria voices the worst mother in the world, an ex-music exec forced to move to the suburbs after a scandal. She of course hates it and clashes with the local mother's and the school and wreaks havoc wherever she goes. I think Longoria strikes the right tone and brings the needed humor to allow you to enjoy all the awful things you watch her do.

And the one I most recently started watching is Misfits. Another British comedy (maybe more of a dramedy?), but there are a few seasons so there are lots of episodes you can binge watch. This one is a bit dark and at times explicit. But I've also found it at times hysterical. The character Nathan played by this actor is a total jerk but oddly endearing and he's come to be my favorite one on the show to watch. And the premise is out there enough that the show can go a lot of places. I'm in the middle of it and i hope it keeps the momentum going.

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