Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Favorites from around the web...

1. I was a late Veronica Mars fan, but having discovered it last year I am so excited for this.

2. As a non-tech person who entered the technology field I can attest to this. Don't be scared!

3. I absolutely love this. Huge smile on my face.

4. And I absolutely hate this.

5. Since I'm trying to get my skin in order I'm interested to try this.

6. Loved seeing LA get a out shout-out here. All the restaurants they mention are in walking or biking distance from us.

7. This is a haunting true story.

8. I've been so interested in gender and how we think of it as a society, but I always think about it from the girl perspective. I'm glad this documentary is looking at it from the other side.

9. This is my dream house.

10. Mind blown. Didn't even realize I was supposed to do this.

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