Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eat (or drink) your veggies

I've never been good about eating my vegetables. I'm more of a carb person and could eat pasta or rice all day long. But I'm always trying to find ways to work veggies in. Jordon wrote here about how she's trying to eat a salad a day. A great goal but I am not a salad lover. So my solution: soup!

Soup is a great way for me to incorporate veggies into my diet. I started making soups when D and I started getting our bi-weekly CSA delivery. I'd often receive fruits or vegetables I was not used to cooking with. I'd therefore go to google and I'd often find great soup recipes. I've made eggplant soup, mushroom soup, cabbage soup, broccoli soup. And if you have left over you can freeze it and pull it out if you need lunch or dinner quickly.

This soup is my go-to. It's simple, quick, and very tasty. This one is also really quick and can be dressed up in a lot of different ways. I also recently brought this one to lunch at a friend's and it was a hit. I'm hoping this will also be a way for me to get the Pepper to enjoy vegetables once she's older and pickier.

Funny anecdote. My company has a few offices in Ukraine so we'd often have team members from Ukraine come to work at the LA offices. When we were out to lunch as a group one of our Ukrainian team members commented that we don't seem to eat a lot of soup here in the US, at least compared to the Ukraine. He was getting sick of eating sandwiches all the time. Ever since then I've notices how many sandwiches are on menus and how little soup choices there often are.

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