Thursday, January 16, 2014

Latest Discovery: Kickstarter

Have you discovered any amazing projects on Kickstarter? I've of course heard about it for ages and heard all the stories on amazing and successful crowd funding. But it wasn't until last fall that I really discovered all the great exposure it gives entrepreneurs. This is an example of using the powers of the internet for good purposes. And there are a lot of wonderful projects to get involved in. The projects I have backed so far are:

Food Huggers: This was the project that got me into Kickstarter (I think I had been linked there from a Huffington Post article). This project spoke directly to me since I was on a mission at the time to improve out food storage. I hate food waste! But we're still a pretty small family so we often have left over fruits and vegetables, half cans of ingredients, etc. These sounded like the perfect solution and having now received the product I can say they are everything I had hoped for. Definitely recommend them and you can purchase the product now on their website (I'm going to order an avocado hugger soon).

Little Robot Friends: I had originally signed up for this thinking it could be a gift for one of the nerdy men in my life, but now I sort of want to keep it for myself. The fun part about this one for me is I actually don't really know what to expect from the end result. I know I'm going to get a cute little robot with a unique personality. But how it manifests is a mystery to me. This will be be a fun voyage of discovery.

Mixmates: I came upon this project when I was looking for some cool blocks for the Pepper. I instantly loved these and how they were playful and added some additional elements to the traditional stacking blocks. Apparently they just shipped them out and I can;t wait for them to arrive. And if you want your own set you can actually place a pre-order for the next batch here.

Image from Food Huggers website.

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