Monday, January 20, 2014

On having short hair

As you may have noticed from some of the personal pics I post, I have short hair. For most of my life I've had short hair. My parents always kept it short so for me, short hair is normal. I've tried to grow it out a few times but I can never get used to the feeling of having it long (it's on my neck!!) or the way I look when it's long. I do like trying out different short hair styles and colors which keeps it interesting. And it's so easy, and cheap! When I have had longer hair the maintenance that goes into it was such a bother:, shampoo, conditioner, blow-drying, hair masks, etc. With short hair there is none of that, I don't even really need to wash it that much. So I think for the foreseeable future, I'm going to be a woman with short hair.

But, in our culture I find that short hair on women is still a "thing". When Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair it was big news and a lot of people reacted very negatively to it. Considering that a woman cutting her hair short was something considered shocking in the 1920's, I'm always surprised we haven't really moved past that. I think some people feel it's not feminine enough and therefore not sexy enough for men to like. Well if that is the fear let me say that, from personal experience, when I've had long hair I have not been approached by men any more than when my hair is short. If anything, I feel men pay more attention to me when my hair is short. Maybe this is because short hair compliments my looks. Maybe it's because my short hair makes me standout. Whatever the reason, short hair did not hinder my dating life. So I hope other woman won't use that as a reason to not take the plunge if they want to give it a try. And remember, hair always grows back!

I've actually always wanted to take things farther and shave my head. Maybe one day I'll be brave and give it a try :)

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