Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inspired movement

I love dance in all it's forms. Ever since I was a kid watching musicals I have found it to be a beautiful and engaging form of expression. It can be fun or serious, dramatic or subtle. And employed well it can certainly be moving.

That's why I love the work of the art troupe WIFE. I was lucky enough to meet the founders of the troupe here in LA a few years ago before they formed their group, and I have been eagerly following their careers ever since. The first WIFE piece I had exposure to was their video for a piece called "The Grey Ones" (the top video). It's such a simple idea, using projections on bodies, but executed so well that I find it completely beautiful and intoxicating. They have done a live version as well and I would so love to see it performed in-person! One of their more recent collaborations is on a video for The Acid which you can watch below. Another simple concept that they manage to make spellbinding.

With our current culture of over-stimulation and immediate access to everything so much can feel derivative. What I love about WIFE is that their work feels genuine and unique. It's a modern take on dance and art that seems to focus on creating an experience for the viewer. For me, watching their work means being taken on an emotional journey. And isn't that one of the goals of art?

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