Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Favorites from around the web...

1. No matter what side of the debate you come down on I thought this was an interesting look at the issue from a different perspective.

2. I think how this couple has chosen to live is inspirational. We try to live without much "stuff" but these people put us to shame.

3. And this guy is inspirational in another way. Working in the traditional system can sometimes feel like we're spending so much of our time on the wrong things. I'm glad people are exploring different options.

4. Did you watch the Ham/Nye debate? I haven't had a chance to yet but I really want to.

5. This is a great guide for people wanting more greenery in their life (like me!).

6. This feels like an accurate depiction of childhood, and makes me wary of dinosaur costumes.

7. I loved the graphic novel so I'm very excited for this!

8. As a small chested woman a can't relate, but this made me think of all my larger endowed friends.

9. This is chilling because it tells an important but scary truth.

10. Blades of Glory is real!

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