Thursday, April 17, 2014

Favorites from around the web...

1) This is proof that love and drama often go together.

2) My girl-crush continues with this interview with working-mom Courtney Adamo.

3) Simple but valuable advice: "Stop trying to be perfect as possible, and start being as human as possible".

4) For years I've been trying to convince D to let me get a pig. Maybe these pictures will help convince him.

5) This is a fun collection of mind games to test your understanding of psychology.

6) I've been thinking about writing a post on these two great shows but these guys beat me to it.

7)We use cast-iron for cooking a lot of the time so this is good to know.

8) I really hope they make this!

9) I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, but maybe that's because the trailer song is one of my favorites.

10) This is another reason I'm happy to be a woman of modern times. It's amazing the lengths that are gone to for the sake of female modesty.

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