Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vintage wedding dresses

Etsy just did a post on buying a vintage wedding dress and it made me remember my own wedding dress (picture above). We did our wedding on a budget and so for my dress I decided to see what I could find on one of my favorite shopping sites: eBay. But I also wanted something unusual so I searched for a vintage dress and was surprised to find a lot of great options at very reasonable prices. The dress I purchased didn't have a manufacturer tag in so one seamstress I saw said it may have been handmade. It was an off-white chiffon dress with a handkerchief-style hem. When I got it it had straps and lace details around the neck that I decided to remove. I also had the dress altered to fit me. I was thrilled with the end result, especially considering the whole thing cost me under $200! And it a dress unique to me, which felt really special.

I recently saw these two dresses on Etsy and thought they would make great wedding dresses. This one is subtle but has great details and I think the design would be really flattering.

And this one is just so pretty. Very flapper. And I like the idea of a heart pattern for a wedding :)
Anyone else out there go with a vintage wedding dress?

Image of our wedding by Stephen Zeigler. Other images via.

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