Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Singing your baby to sleep

Once we had the Pepper I realized how unprepared I was for singing lullabies. I loved holding my little girl and looking down at her and singing to her, but I'd get tripped up because I didn't know the words to any lullabies. I remember my mom singing me to sleep, but she sang an African lullaby in a tribal language and it's hard for me to replicate. And I remember my dad singing me a simple made-up song that was basically "daddy loves you" over and over again. I love that song and do sing a version of it to the Pepper, but that wasn't a lot of material to work with.

So, I went with songs that I knew the words to but that still seemed calming and loving. Right now the current songs in my "lullaby" repertoire are:
  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea: It's a little peppier than the others so I might start out with this one. It's a personal favorite so I knew all the worlds.
  • Oh What a World: A little different but I sing it slow and the words are easy to remember so it works.
  • Sweet Child of Mine: I love singing this one to my own sweet child. The words are actually perfect for a lullaby, and I sing it like Orleya so it's nice and slow and soothing.
  • Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes: Another personal favorite. I actually started using this one when we were breastfeeding but since it's a familiar song I'll sometimes use it now as a nighttime song.
  • Red River Valley: I was learning to play this on the banjo when I was pregnant so I knew the words and it actually has a great tempo to rock the baby too. This one we've been doing I lot lately.
  • Everything's Alright: My favorite lullaby. I also sing this one slower than the original version, but the words are lovely and have a great message.
What do you sing to your baby? Any other unconventional lullabies I should learn?

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