Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Favorites from around the web...

1) I've always been amazed by these guys. So impressive.

2) I want these in my kitchen.

3) This is both funny and sort of sad. I love it though. It's an important issue to address and this forces yo to think about it.

4) I never imagined mushrooms could be so beautiful.

5) This study made me breath a sigh of relief. There is so much competition to get into college and the cost is getting high. It's nice to know that maybe we can all relax about it a little.

6) I wish I had one of these!

7) This seems to me to be great advice for writers.

8) This speaks truth. Valuable truth.

9) I want to go to Chicago and visit this! I bet it's exhilarating.

10) These spurious correlations are fascinating. Sort of creepy too.

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