Thursday, September 11, 2014

In need of a good laugh?

Hi everyone. I've been at a business conference this week; missing my family but enjoying being able to take leisurely evening baths. I get home late tonight, work tomorrow, and then leave for a 10-day vacation. I'm really hoping this will be a trip where I can disconnect and really relax. But it's a busy time at work so we'll see.

I won't be posting while I am gone so I want to leave you all with my recommendation for when you need a good laugh: Eddie Izzard! I love this guy. He's smart and funny and his HBO show "Dressed to Kill" from years ago can be streamed on Netflix (or on Vimeo) along with all his other one-man shows. "Dressed to Kill" is heavily quoted when I'm around my family and watching it never gets old. It's always a perfect pick-me-up. And along with being a great comedian Eddie a fabulous actor who I really enjoyed in the underrated The Riches.

If I could I'd totally vote for him for mayor of London.

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