Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Cards?

Do you send out Christmas cards? I never have. When I was younger I felt I didn't need to since my mother's epic holiday news letter made me feel that everyone heard from me. And even when D and I got married and formed our own family unit, I still didn't feel the urge. But now that we have the Pepper, I'm regretting not putting something together this year. I can't explain this sudden urge to participate in this tradition. What is it about having a child that makes me want to share? Maybe it's knowing that she'll change so much between this year and next and wanting to document that somehow. Maybe it's feeling the need for holiday traditions. Whatever it is, I think I'll have to find a way to schedule it into my holiday prep next year.

Then the question becomes, photo or newsletter format? I like the idea of both having a picture but also sharing family news. Though making it also concise is a challenge. At least I have plenty of time to figure it out :)

Update: the night after i wrote this post I had a dream I received hundreds of Christmas cards in the mail.

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