Friday, December 13, 2013

The technology balance

I'm always trying to find the right balance of technology in my life. And now that I have the Pepper, being balanced in my technology use feels crucial since I know I'm now modeling behavior for her. It comes up a lot for D and I. When the Pepper is playing on her play mat, I could quickly check instagram, but what I know is good for me (and her) is to sit there and be in the moment. And what about photos? When should I enjoy the experience and when should I get my phone and take a photo to remember it by?

This recent article made me think of something I heard George Clooney say in an interview. He was talking about how fan interactions have changed over the last decade or so. Before, what fans wanted to have with him was an interaction. They wanted to shake his hand, have him acknowledge them, speak to him. These days, what fans want is to snap a picture. They have a short period of time to have a moment with one of their favorite celebrities, and they spend it trying to get the best camera-phone pic. And to me, that seems to be a lot less than a real memory.

I hate to admit that I have to work to prioritize real experiences over the virtual ones waiting for me on my phone or computer. I hate to admit how addicting that instant gratification of a new post on facebook or a comment on instagram is. But I try and I mostly succeed in finding a balance I'm comfortable with. Because I know its important. Not only for myself but as an example for my little one. As technology continues to change though it could get harder and harder. I just need to remember to be in the moment.

I can't figure out where this awesome photo of Charles and Ray Eames is  from. If anyone knows please drop me a note.

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