Monday, December 16, 2013

My Crunchy Scale

I laughed when I saw this and it's because it captures something so true about being a parent: the way you navigate talking about parenting techniques with other parents.

Based on Amber's post, I'd say I'm about a 3 on the crunchy scale. Which makes me not really that crunchy I guess :) We don't have a stroller so I  dobaby wear with a ring sling, we make our own baby food, we limit screen time, try to buy natural products, and we use a cloth diaper/disposable hybrid. But we also allow plastic toys, we supplemented with formula after a few months, and I didn't have a natural birth (epidural!), amongst other things.

There are so many ways to parent. There are a lot of choices to make based on lifestyle, priorities, work, availability. And parents can be very protective of their choices. Maybe it's because we love our kids so much that we need to believe that our choices are what's best for them. But, the result is that when you're a new parent, it can be awkward to discuss your choices with other parents. You don't want to feel judged, and you also don't want to judge others. So, you try not to engage in touchy or controversial subjects until you know someone well and know you're on the same page.

It's a funny thing, you want to connect with other parents (members of your new tribe!). But you need to approach with caution and find "your people". I feel lucky that the moms I know are open and even if we have taken different approaches, we support each others choices. Because we do all need support.

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