Friday, May 23, 2014

Hair color: desiring something "crazy"

I've never been afraid to try different hairstyles. Maybe it's because my hair has always been short and that already is sort of rebellious. But I also think having short hair means each cut is less of a commitment. It's easier to change a short hairstyle because it doesn't take that long for the hair to grow out and reset itself. So I've tried many different styles and different colors over the years. I had a black bob for a while a la Louise Brooks, which I loved at the time but I look back and the black was a little harsh on me. I went very short for awhile and for a portion of that time I was bleaching my hair. That was actually a cool look but I hated going through the bleaching process (it hurts!). But the thing I haven't really done it colored my hair an "unnatural color" like purple, blue or pink. And it's something I so want to do but I'm afraid I missed my window for that sort of thing.

What I mean is that I have a job and crazy looks aren't always acceptable in a professional environment. Some jobs seem to be more open to out-there fashion choices, and of course these are often associated to creative fields. But I work for a technology company. I'm in a leadership role. I am client facing. So I need to present as serious, competent, and capable. Sadly, for most people blue hair doesn't communicate those things. Part of me feels it's not fair! Part of me gets it. I just wish I had the opportunity to try something fun like that again. Maybe I should try that chalk-dying technique one weekend?

The color I really want to try is a light pink color. I fell in love with the idea when I watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. That soft subtle pink just looked so romantic and pretty. Do you have a fantasy hair color?

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