Monday, April 14, 2014

I must have been a dancer in my past life

As you may have noticed from past posts, I love dance. So I am a little obsessed right now with this A-Z of dance video (I give the people you edited this video together major props). I love the showcasing of the different version of dance and really of dancers themselves. You get the beauty of ballet, the raw power of krumping, the joy of Indian Bhangra, and the fun of Turn Fein or Jump Style. And there is even more than the video showed: Salsa! Tango! Tap dance! But even though it couldn't capture every dance or dance move it showcases how expressive dance can be and how accessible too. Anyone can dance! It makes me so jealous though of those who have devoted themselves to building the physicality needed to achieve some of the more impressive moves.

I've always felt that in an alternate life I was a dancer since I'm just so drawn to it. My dear friend is a dancer and I've enjoyed being able to live a little vicariously through her. I don't know if I loved musicals as a kid because of the dancing, or if all the musicals I watched created my love of dancing. Either way, one of the ways I use to indulge my interest is watching musicals, especially those that included a lot of great dancing. I recently took this quiz and I had watched 95 out of the 150 musicals they listed. When D and I were first getting to know each other one of our points of playful tension was our opposing opinions of that particular art form. At one point he dared me to name 30 musicals and I think he stopped me when I got to 35. To me, they are just really entertaining. And you can't deny they showcase some great dancing. Some of my favorites are West Side Story, the new Hairspray, Funny Girl (I get chills when she starts singing "Don't Rain on My Parade"), All That Jazz, and actually too many to list. But I will say I particularly love everything by Bob Fosse. I mean, how amazing is this dance number at the fancy club. To me, that's some genius choreography.

I love when I get to see things live in the theater too. The most recent show I saw that I couldn't recommend enough is Fela!. So so good. If you ever get a chance to see it don't pass it up. D even liked it, and that's saying something :)

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